Lovely, thoughtful little fim by Alexandra Peters. I was only on set for a couple of hours but it gave me my first chance to work with the multi-talented Jada Sanders. 

 Jada Sanders and Fred Rabbath and I teamed up again to shoot this award winning film. I enjoyed the creative process of developing on set some of the script with added props and improvisation. I always enjoy working with these two excellent professionals. I also had a chance to work with several of my acting students, Mike Herrin and Kyle Davis.  

 This dark film by Frederick Snyder was a mind twister. The audience is left with believing the reporter was insane and comitted suicide or if my character, Detective Bell, was a mass murderer. In the dailies we saw this lighted image of my eyes
and it really worked. 


"Teller of Tales: A Fib Fit For A King" is the brainchild of writer and director, Woody Lindsey! He has done an amazing amount of pre-production on this show and I am looking forward to doing the voiceover of Chiaroscuro, the animated Taker of Souls! I even have my own playing card, the 6 of hearts! More news on this movie soon!

This was my audition voiceover!

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 F.C. Rabbath outdid himself with this award winning short! It took first place at the Guerrilla Film Festival in 2011 and has to be my favorite film from Fred. Working with such talented people as Laura Johnson, Lanny Thomas,
Anita Miller and Michael Varde was also a big plus!

 What an honor to be in a film with Fred Chappell. His performance of Antonio Salieri in "Amadeus" at FSU was a tour de force! I always think how small a world it really is since I had a chance to steal Tom Hulce's date in "Those Lips, Those Eyes". Tom was nominated for an Academy Award for
Mozart in "Amadeus". It was thrilling being in movies with these
wonderful, talented actors! 

 I had the chance to work with Clay Hassler, the director of "The Planeteer", on several other occassions and I was struck with his insight on whatever film we were working on and his work ethic. When he called me to see if I would do a small walk on I was instantly ready and willing. No doubt I knew that anything Clay would leave his mark on would be successful and I was proven correct when "The Planeteer" won a first place college emmy in 2011. Austin Trace also did a fine job in the lead role and is a good kid with a lot of talent! 

 I did the voiceover of French General Charles de Gaulle on the radio that the lead actress, Alexandra Kamp, was listening to in the beginning of this brilliant short film. The actors in this film were phenomenal as was the cinematography. Stephen Theodore Bell is a fantastic director and I had the opportunity to work with him on several films. 

 This wonderful film by C.E. Holcomb is one of my top three favorites. It was a giving experience with a well run set and Christopher knew exactly what he wanted. At the screening, Leslie France, FSU acting professor, marvelous actress and wife of the Film School Dean Frank Patterson came up to me. She was very complimentary regarding my performance, spoke of believability in the character among other things and
I have treasured those words ever since

 A rare western for me. I had a chance to act with my "adopted" daughter, Sierra Bush Rester (she played the dead body).