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Clocked Out


One of the first projects I did with Fred Rabbath and he is an amazing film maker. We still agree to disagree that it was my idea to have Michael Varde say "Don't tase me bro!" I mean it was my taser I brought on set. I also got to work with my dear friends Bill Kelly, Laura Johnson, Michael Varde and several of my students.


 My dear friend, Henry Tisdale, did a brilliant job with this character who has lost everything he holds dear and still finds his way! I am on the phone with him in this scene trying to convince him not to go into hiding while the
world economy is collapsing! 

 Interesting look into a small percentage of pro athletes who have the ability to circumvent the truth. Lance Armstrong come to mind? 

 In 1984 I was contracted to put together an Industrial film for Hyatt Hotels Los Angeles to be shown at their 1-800 call centers to push reservations for the '84 Olympics. I was fortunate to meet and convince Heavyweight Boxing Champion Ken Norton (Mandingo, Facing Ali) to make a brief cameo.  

 I also knew a young and very talented actor who I cast as the taxi driver. His name is Duane Whitaker (From Dusk Til Dawn 2, Pulp Fiction). Here is the front page of his website www.duanewhitaker.com 

 This was an enormously gifted staff and crew. Tatiana and Elizabeth were brilliant and B.G., our wonderful director, took us all on a marvelous journey! 

 Enjoyed this film very much. It starred a very talented actor, Joshua Mikel,
who I have been blessed to work with in several films. I only showed up for one scene but had fun with the character! 


This is one of my favorite films, directed by Andrew Bartels
and with a great original score! There is so much talent that has come out of the Florida State University Film School!